About Us

the Gateway to an internationally successful and sustainable jewellery Brand!

Since its incorporation in 2018, Designers of India (DOI) has followed the same mission to provide the information and support the Designers need to achieve business excellence. We are the one-stop connection for everything designers may need to set up their brands globally.

Our members are talented designers that are known for their brilliant designs, creativity, and unmatched craftsmanship. All the designers at DOI share a single purpose.


To achieve the highest expectations of our member Designers and contribute to the community through,
  • adding value to the Designers’ business, helping them achieve steady growth in business and profit.
  • offering value-added services to our Designers.
  • providing Designers with a business development environment to create sustainable designer brands.


To be a globally recognized and preferred partner for Designers in India. To Ensure the sustainable growth of a designer.

what we do

The DOI Provides startups and single entrepreneurs with business collaborations, advisory services, promotional opportunities, exhibitions, fashion shows and give all support to develop and expand nationally and globally. We connect our Designers with their customers through our associations with publications, exhibitors, fashion, and trade show organizers and referrals we help jewellery Designers expand their business seamlessly.

DOI ensures a healthy environment for the constant growth of talented jewellery designers, their designs, and business. We create a plethora of opportunities for designers to showcase their designs internationally.   

We strive to add value to the niche Designers market by delivering precise, and intuitive solutions to enhance your business growth.

We at DOI… 

Assess the Designer’s strengths, suggesting ways we can help their business grow and make their  visibility globally.  

Support  their efforts to put-up exhibits, create new collaborations, and build their strong connections to recognize designer brand successfully

Promote the designers at various national and international exhibitions, trade fairs, fashion shows, and market their brands on social media channels.

We believe in the principle of RED-ICE

We believe in forging a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship that is based on honesty and trust.
Our expertise can be seen through every action of ours. Also, everything we do will be of international standards.
While we adopt the international best practices, we will also develop our own unique ones for others to follow.
We believe in following only ethical practices. At no point of time shall we compromise with our integrity.

We are committed towards the cause of aspiring designers and shall remain so forever.


Everything we do shall be of the highest quality and standards. We will leave nothing for chance.